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Storage is a condition sine qua non for the success of your company’s logistics. It is for this that STAR Logistique invested in a secure storage site.

  • Large modular storage surface according to your needs (from 10 to 1000 m2)
  • Modern, secure and temperate warehouse for your valuable objects: secure storage
  • Equipment using the latest technology for flawless stock management
  • Professional logistic technicians at your service
  • Picking zones for order preparation
  • Packaging and labelling for monitoring shipments
  • Traditional and quality logistics service (textiles, watch-making and luxury products, leather goods, cosmetics, sport articles, etc.)
  • Archiving
  • Showroom


  • Geneva’s right riverbank, close to the airport, motorway and public transport


  • Secure site, controlled temperature


  • Storage quality
  • Quality of services: storage & recycling & transport
  • Long term


Avoid the costs of intermediate storage and make your goods flow!

Crossdocking allows you to make large savings on storage. Indeed, this logistics technique consists of resending goods arriving at a warehouse without storing them. The orders are made up of packages grouped together on a platform they only have to pass through, literally “cross the dock”, from which the name crossdocking derives. The parcels thus pass from upstream to downstream transport in a very short space of time.

Our logistics professionals take care of everything:

  • Reception of goods
  • Order processing
  • Parcel preparation
  • Checking
  • Dispatch
  • Parcel monitoring

The advantages are simple:

  • Economy
  • Speed
  • Quality


STAR Logistique

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