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In view of the growing development in the use of the internet, a new form of logistics sees the light of day: e-logistics

It is a global service offering accompanied by an information system. The e-logistician supplies the client with all physical services as well as the information system which accompanies them.

Our services encompass:

•    Supply
•    Storage of products – large storage surface, under customs authority, secure
•    Picking – cross-docking
•    Stock management
•    Receiving and preparing orders
•    Packaging
•    Returns management and after-sales support
•    Customs clearance
•    Secure, express transport worldwide
•    Domiciliation – relation clients
•    Information and traceability management

E-logistics and e-commerce go hand in hand

It is undeniable that logistics is a cornerstone of e-commerce. The internet client requires perfect delivery of the products ordered. This requires the management of different flows of goods within e-commerce companies.
When e-commerce started, company owners had not perceived directly the importance of logistics in the sales process. As Mr Soriano, President of the Irepp (Institute of research and postal perspectives “the start-ups, in the beginning, dealt with logistics by default with lavish means, not attributing to it the real costs attached to this new distribution technique, either from a strategy of conquering new clients, or through poor estimation of these costs.” Because of this, e-commerce sites have not benefited from a tailored logistics strategy including management tools (client relationship, logistics chain management…).

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