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Global logistics chain

We furnish the stages of the entire global logistics chain. We can take care of whatever you wish: importation, storage, packaging, dispatch, management of returns.

We want to offer clients a tailored solution. We cover all of these aspects as well as the different services they encompass.  For our clients, such a development of services should lead to a constant optimisation of costs and a concentration on the main activity.

What we bring you at each stage of the supply chain:

  • Brief delivery times
  • Saturday delivery too
  • Standardised delivery intervals
  • Economies of scale on transport costs
  • Shipment monitoring (internet tracking)
  • Reusable boxes and monitoring systems
  • Electronics administrative process, including customs processing
  • Coping with unexpected or seasonal variations, transport delays, stock
  • Saving on intermediate stocks
  • Realise cash-flow savings by maintaining minimal stocks
  • Automatic repatriation of returns
  • Exchange service
  • Call centre service offering to unburden your staff

We accord key importance to the relationship we maintain with you but also with your clients. It is from this perspective that our rigorous after-sales service should be seen. We respond by all means of communication to the needs and requests for information of your clients.

  • Internet order processing
  • No standard packaging
  • Quality guarantee thanks to customised handling
  • Custom timetable fixed in advance

STAR Logistique

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