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Secure Transport


We protect your assets

Watches, jewels, precious metals, spare parts. Confidential documents, luxury products, works of art, …

With our transporters, the transport of your valuable products can be carried out without fear. We put our years of experience at your service. We act in accordance with a flawless security and monitoring process. We guarantee total confidentiality.

The transport of valuable objects or liabilities thus passes easily throughout Switzerland and also abroad.

Equipped with a traceability system, the location of our vehicles is known at every instant.

The profile of our logistics operatives is guaranteed: they are all professionals in the field, specially trained for each mission by our company.

Furthermore, from plan management to monitoring procedures, right up to insurance, you remain directly involved in every important stage of the security process.

In parallel, our logistics service offers you a secure storage space, for more information.

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